10 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

42 years. Since February 1976, Black History Month has celebrated the achievements of many prominent African Americans. If we were to talk about the various accomplishments of our ancestors, that conversation would never end. And in a politically driven society such as ours today, it is more crucial than ever to celebrate Black History. Here are my own 10 ways to celebrate BHM in 2018.

  1. Cultural Dress – Rock traditional attire (colors) from a specific country of origin, or wear red, green and black. Express yourself in your style.
  2. Donate to a HBCU – Let’s continue to honor our historically black colleges and universities by donating an amount of your choice to your favorite HBCU.
  3. Research Prominent African American Figures –  Read up on some of the most influential people of color and learn more about the contributions they’ve made to shape our world today.
  4. Go see Marvel’s Black Panther – Black Panther is already poised to be a MAJOR hit despite it being shy of two weeks before its official release. Get your presales now if you can.
  5. Find a New Book – Research African American authors and snag a good read.
  6. Support a Black Owned Business – Go check out a new restaurant or venue in your local community. Spread the word after your experience.
  7. Visit Your Local African American Museum – Learn more about the accomplishments, heritage and culture of African Americans.
  8. Become a Mentor – Visit a local school or community center located in an underserved area and learn about opportunities to mentor our youth.
  9. Visit a Black Church.
  10. Celebrate YOURSELF. Make your own history.




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